Read This Guide Opt For Varicose Vein Removal?

Varicose vein removal is something that several people consider doing every day, and given the complications that can arise from the presence of these varicosities, it's no wonder that more people don't elect to have them removed. The operative word there, though, is 'elect', and it is the classification of varicose veins removal as elective surgery that causes so many folks to simply opt-out due to out-of-pocket cost. 

So let’s read the entire guide of removal varicose vein treatment North Shore.  

What do people think about it? 

For most people, they think of varicose veins as something that their mom, aunt, or grandmother died with, and aside from it being unsightly, there wasn't much else they knew. Moreover, much of the feedback received from their mom, aunt, or grandmother about these veins treatment was, on some levels, just misinformation and tall-tales about what they meant. In other words, everyone seeing them was as much in the dark as those dealing with them in their person. 

As it turns out, much more knowledge on varicose veins has been accumulated over the years. For starters, we now know that for the most part, they are relatively harmless. However, there is a percentage of people who face bigger issues. The presence of varicose veins could be indicative of something else going on with the circulation and blood flow in their body. Some severe symptoms that can pop up are unexplained swelling, ulcers, bleeding, and pain. The biggest issue patients face is the development of blood clots and a condition known as DVT, or deep vein thrombosis. Blood clots can travel, and depending on their landing place, they can be fatal if not caught & treated on time. 

If you're not sure whether removal might be for you, here are some other things to consider before your next appointment with vein specialist North Shore.  

#1 Self-Care to Start

The least invasive way to alleviate a physical matter is always a good start. Your doctor will likely see if you can make some lifestyle changes and incorporate more diet and exercise. Our sedentary lifestyles are a leading preventable factor.  

#2 Compression Stockings

The use of compression stockings is to help regulate blood flow in the lower extremities as legs are the usual place varicosities will strike. 

#3 Sclerotherapy

 This involves an injection into the affected blood vessels in the hopes of shrinking/collapsing them to be removed. It's seen as a go-to procedure with many patients singing its praises. 

#4 Thorough Physical Exam

Perhaps the most important thing you can do before your next appointment is to have a thorough physical exam. Knowing where you stand can be the right first step to ridding yourself of your varicose veins should it be in your best interest. 

Varicose vein removal is not a light topic of discussion. It requires some consideration, and it definitely helps to have your vein doctor North Shore giving you feedback on any question you may have about your varicose veins. If they can't help, they may refer you to a vein treatment near me North Shore specializing in these types of medical procedures for further consultations and detailed info on all of the treatment options you have available.

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